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Sardinillas, as they are called in the Basque Country, are marvels of Galician gastronomy. Fished off the Spanish coast, they are immediately steamed and then canned by hand in staggered batches in fruity olive oil. When the spice triturator, connoisseur and discoverer of flavours, composes a gustatory music, it is to make our palates vibrate better. The pleasure is there, once again, when the delicate sardinillas of Galicia meet the subtle, elegant and fruity Espelette Organic PDO chilli pepper, skilfully dosed by Pierre Arostéguy. The infused oil of the condiment impregnates the small sardines which, over time, arranged in staggered rows in their tin, simply improve. Candied and melting for sardine lovers... and even others. Excellent source of Omega 3.


Mini Sardines in Olive Oil & Espelette Pepper

  • Sardines (sardine pichardus), olive oil, salt, Espelette PDO pepper (0.5%).

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