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The hazelnut is rich in proteins, fibres and lipids of excellent quality, and its fats, mostly monounsaturated, are said to have an impact on cardiovascular health. In a 2010 publication containing the results of 25 studies, researchers showed that the consumption of hazelnuts, as well as almonds and walnuts, could reduce total cholesterol by up to 5%, including a 7% reduction in bad cholesterol (LDL).


Its great wealth of antioxidants (vitamin E, tannins and flavonoids) makes the hazelnut a real ally for health and youth. By combating free radicals, these antioxidants prevent premature ageing of cells, the appearance of some cancers and degenerative diseases (Alzheimer's, Parkinson's ...).


Delicately roasted, it has a delicious praline taste.

Skinless roasted Piedmont hazelnuts

  • 100% hazelnuts from Piedmont (Italy)


    Store in a cool, dry place in an airtight container.

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