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  • Afghan saffron is considered to be one of the best in the world. This one, from the Herat region, is first and foremost the story of a woman, Karima. She set up her small saffron business in the province of Herat, in the northwest of Afghanistan. With a few kilos of saffron produced each year, she is proud to "present a positive image of Afghanistan to the world".

    Her saffron is a rare and exceptional product because of its aromatic qualities. It is the best part of the saffron that we have selected, only the intense red stigma. Without the style, the yellow part which fixes the pistil at the base of the flower. This is what we call neguine saffron.


    Flavour: A saffron with sweet notes of sultanas, prunes and dried straws.


    Saffron of category 1 (extra). Standard ISO 3632

    Crocine: 284 (colour) / Picrocrocine: 108 (flavour) / Safranal: 43 ( perfume)


    Why the pod?Spices are extremely fragile and once they are ground they quickly lose their fragrance and flavour. When you buy them, they often come from wholesalers, they have already come a long way and, once at home, they return only a tiny part of their potential. Max Daumin selects raw spices from its producers. These are packaged in hermetically sealed pods immediately after grinding. This pod guarantees a perfect preservation of the spice's original aromas for a total release of flavours and aromas in your recipes. So concentrated that one is enough for a dish for 4 to 6 people (according to your taste).An independent sensory analysis shows that two months after purchase, when incorporated into a dish, turmeric restores 92% of its original taste when in a pod, 59% when in a traditional glass bottle.

    Saffron pistils from Afghanistan - Neguine

    • 100% saffron pistils. Origin: Afghanistan

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