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Our greatest pleasure: tickle your taste buds!


Foodies, epicureans, fine food lovers, it is you that we have in mind when making our famous gourmet granolas, and by sharing our outstanding selection of small artisanal wonders made by "little-big" brands from here and elsewhere. A tribute to your taste buds and your pupils.


Gourmet Granolas

Proudly different

Deliciously sweetened with agave or maple syrup. Generous in noble nuts of all kinds, whole and in chunky pieces, just roasted or caramelised, with or without small squares of chocolate made for Seed& Root by a great master chocolatier of the Geneva lake region.

4 gourmet  and mouth-watering recipes made to order for foodies of all kinds.





Traditional hummus

Our homemade hummus, preservative-free, made from fresh, high-quality organic ingredients, is now available in partner shops in the 3 versions that have already made you salivate:

  • Version Originale - as its name suggests, this is the traditional, classic version (chickpeas, olive oil, lemon juice, tahini, cumin and sea salt).
  • Sésame Seeds - with toasted sesame seeds
  • Mild to Wild - deliciously spicy (Scoville Scale 3)
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  • Handcrafted  specialities 

cooked with products that have taken the time to grow, carefully selected, local and organic if possible and in any case without preservatives or chemicals, refined, processed, hidden behind E300/500 & co.


  • A demanding selection of kinded spirit

and outstanding brands still unknown or little known in Switzerland but recognised by aficianados and gastronomic professionals in their countries of origin. All the products that we offer in our shop have been tasted and selected with love. by the passionate gourmets that we are.

  • Cultivating our curiosity and our love of the exceptional

in order to continue to "hunt" for outstanding products, through the seasons, travels and encounters. To enrich our selection that we want to keep short "as quickly as possible and as slowly as necessary".

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This space is yours, it's here to express yourself: are you happy... or not :( You have a question about a product, a suggestion to make us or simply pay your order by IBAN or TWINT. Whatever the subject, it is welcome and be sure that we will take the time to answer it. See you soon!

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