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The most beautiful stories always start with a seed and a lot of love, patience, sun and light... Then come the roots, those that ground us, connect us to the earth.

Seed & Root is the story of this connection between man and earth, between the seed and the plate, between our fast-paced lifestyles and the maturation required for the best.

Seed & Root guarantees a selection of raw materials and choice partner products, often organic and in any case cultivated with respect, favouring small businesses and craftsmen.

Traditional hummus, gourmet granola, spicy cashew nuts... Our home-made specialities are prepared with love and patience, on demand, to guarantee the greatest freshness. Delicacies that include the flavour, herbs and spices that reflect our passion and that exclude refined sugar and additives.

It is with the same care that we have selected our packaging so that they are reusable (bulk enthusiasts will be happy to move with light cardboard boxes rather than jars!) or recyclable (our hummus boxes are made of recycled PET).

Intolerant, vegan, athletes, fashionistas, omnivores, flexivores, followers of the "plant base" diet, all with a common interest in gourmet food and the philosophy of eating well... you will all find a gourmet moment with Seed & Root.

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