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Confiture Parisienne was born from the meeting of two passionate women. Laura, a passionate of new tastes and founder of a Berlin restaurant and Nadège, a passionate of ceramics and culinary history.

From this meeting around a snack was born the idea to create an exceptional jam with a packaging as beautiful as its container would be good.

The original recipes that have made the reputation of the brand are developed by chefs, with a skilful balance of fruits and spices that compose them.

Rare and seasonal fruits, no chemicals and only unrefined cane sugar. Their cooking in small quantities is supervised at the ready degree in copper cauldrons so that the cooking is homogeneous and that the fruits can give back all their aromas. The jam is then delicately ladled into white-enamelled jars to prevent light from passing through.

In 100g jars - which one might think too small - or even in 250g jars a real concentrate of flavours. A small teaspoon is enough to make the toast sing. For us, it was a nice surprise to rediscover, for example, the REAL flavour of raspberry, all in generosity, or the incredible marriage of the 4 citrus fruits.

Great art to give back its letters of nobility to jam, which is no longer relegated to the morning toast. It is a jam that we love to share and offer.

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Nadège et Laura de Confiture Parisienne

For Max Daumin, spices no longer hold any secrets, he fell into them when he was a child. Inspired by his mother, born in Madagascar in the 1930s, he inherited three of his passions: cooking, spices and botany.

It is this passion for nature, plants and their use in gastronomy that he shares with us in "La Magie des Epices". The use - thanks to a revolutionary process - of freshly ground spices immediately encapsulated in a pod for an explosion of flavours.

He is categorical, "a powder in a jar makes no sense. It inevitably loses its organoleptic properties. The pod allows me to reproduce this use, to deliver, to make the cook discover all the original aromatic richness of a spice. Botany offers me the possibility to be rigorous in the selection of spice varieties directly from producers. Cooking helps me to know how to stage these spices and to compose different spice blends that we offer you. Somewhere this pod makes you share the original aromas of the spices of my childhood. Just for the real taste of spices".

At Seed&Root, we have always been lovers and great consumers of spices. When we discovered Max Daumin's spices, we humbly discovered another world of spices. The one - far too rare - that does without intermediate wholesalers to offer only the best, the one that comes from such and such a producer in such and such a region of the world.

Max Daumin's spices, also recognised by great star chefs, are simply unique.

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Max Daumin de Max Daumin la Magie des Epices
Grégory et Pierre-Julien, les frères Chantzios


Kalios, born from the contraction of Kalamata and Ilios, the sun, is the story of 2 brothers, who come from Kalamata in Greece and who in 2010 take over the family olive grove that has been active for 8 generations.

It is therefore, above all, a story that is created around the olive, with famous Parisian starred chefs such as Alain Ducasse (the chef with 20 stars) or Pierre Gagnaire***.

And then, as Greece is full of culinary treasures, the Chantzios brothers set themselves the goal of making the best available: Balsamic at the Cretan Petimezi, honeys from the Peloponnese, organic infusions from the Cyclades... To do so, they travel the country every year looking for small producers to elaborate exclusive Kalios recipes and offer a demanding and international clientele the best of Greek soil. A philosophy naturally shared by Seed&Root.

The result, as they say so well: " Today we are proud to supply more than 1000 chefs, including 100 starred chefs such as Pierre Gagnaire***, Stéphanie Le Quellec**, Michel Sarran**, as well as many selected delicatessens ".

Grégory & Pierre-Julien, the Chantzios brothers

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LMaison Arostéguy is as old as the world, or almost. This large Basque grocery shop has been a must in Biarritz since 1875. From spice triturators, as Pierre Arostéguy so rightly calls it, the house took a turn 25 years ago under the leadership of this enthusiast, a worthy representative of the 5th generation, to enlarge its range of products and to become a discoverer of flavours and a composer of exquisite notes to make our taste buds sing.

He travels the world in search of the rare and original. Products of the highest quality chosen with particular attention. Thus, with a pinch of a spice blend, a spoonful of a singular condiment, our cuisine sparkles.

No good table without generosity, creativity and conviviality. And these words that inspire the good times in life would lose all their meaning without expertise, know-how, love of the product and customer service.

A delicatessen like a treasure chest where everyone will find their own personal culinary touch.

This is why Seed&Root has selected Maison Arostéguy and also for its essentials in the Basque Country, this region of gastronomy with character.

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