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  • History: this pepper (piper nigrum) was widely cultivated in Cambodia after the First World War and became under the colonial era "the pepper of the French" that was found on all the best French tables. Kampot pepper is the first to obtain the IGP and PDO in 2010, a just reward for the work of the Kampot farmers who revived this pepper after its disappearance when the Khmer Rouge came to power.

    The choice of the producer was obvious as he was one of the first to obtain the "Fair For Life" label in Cambodia. Contributing to the sustainable development of a region by maintaining the social fabric and collectively undertaking significant long-term projects with producers, workers and buyers is a commitment at Max Daumin.

    Flavour: It is very rich in flavour and stands out for its unique fragrance. It develops a relatively mild spiciness, fruity and complex aromas and exceptional mouthfeel.


    Organic IGP Kampot black pepper

    • 100% Kampot black peppercorns

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